The Beauty of Hugging

A gathering that explores how to hug and be held consciously.

During this event, we will gather to explore the art of hugging and how it can be used to heal, connect and transition from one task to another.

Event Overview

  • This 1.5hr event is an opportunity to look at hugging as a powerful tool when engaged in intentionally and mindfully.
  • Together we’ll share, journal, meditate and hug. Even if you live alone or don’t hug others often, these principles can support you in self-care and conscious interaction.

Event Price$44*

*Price includes applicable taxes.


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Wow! I didn’t know hugging could be so multi-faceted! Due to the social distancing created by Covid, I’ve found pausing to embrace the people in my bubble especially important to my own well-being as well as the health of our relationships. Thanks so much for offering this!

It's Hug O'Clock!

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