Inner-Garden Harvest Party

A ceremony to appreciate your current experience of body and mind.

During this event we will gather, to reflect on the seeds we’ve sown, recognize the growth of our inner-gardens, and revel in the abundant harvest we get to experience and enjoy this season.

Event Overview

  • This 3hr event is an opportunity to curiously explore and practice inner-gardening in a celebratory ceremony format.
  • Be ready to breathe, stretch, meditate, dance and revel in your harvest, in community with other curious inner-gardeners.
  • We can meet in person or online, whatever would suit you and your team or family best.

Event Price$64*

*Price is per attendee and includes applicable taxes.

*Group rates available.


Party On!

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My yoga practice has lately been guided by gardening metaphors. As I weed and plant the physical garden in my yard, I look within to what’s planted inside myself, what to nurture and what to toss away. I do more than that, though. When I bend to work with the soil I do a little yoga stretch. While my hands are in the dirt I dwell on my connection to the earth. The practice is all encompassing.
Donna Warenko
Yogi, Writer, Grandmother

Party Time!

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