Simple Practices to Navigate Anxiety for Parents of Teens

A workshop to support your teen in developing their confidence through movement and nutrition.

During this event we will gather, to cover breath, body and meditation practices as well as nutrition and meal planning, so that as parents, we can support each other in raising joyful teens who understand how to navigate anxiety and live confidently.

Event Overview

  • During this 2hr event, Juliana will share the 4 pillars of nutrition, the most common challenges teens face from age 12-17, and how certain food groups can help them navigate these challenges. Juliana will also explain foods that trigger anxiety, early puberty and excess hormones in teens.
  • Elizabeth will explain practical tools to move you from an anxious state to a state of calm, provide tips for how to model behaviors that reduce anxiety, and guide yogic practices of breath direction, body position and meditation that build confidence so you as a parent can model confidence and guide your teen through uncertainty.
  • Connect with Elizabeth Now to either offer this event to your team privately via Zoom, or join the waiting list for the next public offering.

Event Price$44*/party person

*Price includes applicable taxes.

*Group rates available.


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Juliana Avella

Juliana is a certified health coach and holistic nutritionist who specializes in youth development. Juliana’s goal is to illustrate simple ways to include more happiness, balance and well-being through a complete and natural diet.


Elizabeth Fehr

Elizabeth is a certified yoga coach who specializes in helping individuals cultivate a consistent home health practice. Elizabeth’s goal is to give you tools to reduce anxiety and build confidence so you and your teen know how to feel good in body and mind, on demand.


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Receive a downloadable PDF with practice descriptions and step by step instructions, for how you can reduce anxiety and cultivate confidence.

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