Courses & Programs

3 Month One-on-One Coaching Program to Create a Consistent Practice

Design your own, personal daily routine that you can consistently practice to feel good in body and mind.

3 Month Group Coaching Program to Cultivate a Thriving Inner-Garden

Explore, design and nourish your inner-garden so you reap the harvest you desire (your ideal body and mind experience).

1 Month Group Meditation Course to Develop Focus and Calm

Focus attention to create a sense of calm in body and mind, with the support of a community.

1 Month Group Yoga Course to Develop a Home Yoga Practice

Breathe, stretch and meditate to create or support your existing home yoga practice.

1 Month One-on-One Coaching Program for Youth to Build Confidence

Help your child develop the ability to calm their mind and ground their body so they can learn, grow and explore without the weight of worry.

On-Going Programs for Youth

Is your child interested in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, creative writing, public speaking or other forms of developing self-awareness and expression?

If so, check out the classes Elizabeth Yoga Artist offers through Outschool.