Create Confidence for Teens


This is a 1 month program for your child to develop the ability to calm their mind and ground their body so they can learn, grow and explore without the weight of worry.

Is Your Adolescent Often Anxious, Nervous or Worried, Or is Your Teen Navigating Adolescence with Confidence?


Together we will experiment with various physical and mental practices in a methodical way, to see what happens when we consciously breathe, move and focus our attention.

We will have fun together, testing various hypotheses, reviewing our results, and consciously developing our confidence.

Help Your Child Develop the Skills to Move Through Life with a Sense of Assurance


Youth today face unique challenges as they navigate uncertain times along with the pressures of growing up, forming an identity, establishing independence, choosing a career and partner, and figuring out how to live sustainably.

Empower your child by providing them the opportunity to learn tools and develop the skills that will help them navigate anxiety and build confidence.

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What Are Clients Saying?

Elizabeth provided my daughter with an absolutely excellent, customized program to help manage her anxiety through yoga and meditation. My daughter instantly saw results with Elizabeth's program.
Elizabeth is incredibly pleasant and very knowledgeable. She was able to provide my daughter an age appropriate course.
My daughter stated that Elizabeth was easy to talk to and she felt she connected with her immediately. We are so thankful to have had the experience of partaking in Elizabeth's course.
Darla & Kingsley
Mother & Daughter
My son enjoyed his experience in Elizabeth's program and it was a great way for him to get the exercise and relaxation he needed. He said she did a great job working his muscles and that he felt much stronger afterwards!
As a parent, I was thankful for the opportunity he had to practice yoga in a comfortable environment and a wonderful instructor who understands his age group.
Elise Roller
Mother, Musician, and Writer
I like how I learned different methods to calm down and relieve stress. I found one meditation very helpful when I couldn't fall asleep, I just did the practice and boom, I was asleep.
Student, Age 10

Your Child Can be
Confident and Calm


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