Create Confidence for Teens
Program Details


Support your child in developing confidence in body and mind so they can learn, grow and explore without the weight of worry.

Though most kids will survive childhood and adolescence without a coaching program, they may not thrive throughout, and I want to see your teen thrive.


– 4 one-on-one, 90 minute Coaching Sessions.

– Personal Accountability Contract.

– Recorded Meditations.

– Practice Workbook.

– Practice Checklist.

– Transform stress and anxiety into ease and excitement (physical and mental calm).

– Create a healthy, fit body (physical strength and confidence).

– Create a peaceful mind and the ability to transform unhealthy thinking patterns into healthy ones (mental strength and confidence).


– Create confidence so you can interact calmly with others and make meaningful connections.  

– Acknowledge your inner-worth and beauty so you can appreciate the body you get to explore your world with.

– Move through periods of high anxiety calmly while continually designing your future with curiosity and courage.

This Program is Specifically Designed to Support Children as they Mature into Young Adults so they can Live Powerfully and Express Creatively


Want to discuss program investment and payment plan options?

Please reach out and we can chat about all the possibilities and arrange the best way for your teen to start developing confidence today.

Help Your Child
Transform Anxiety into Confidence so they Thrive