Create a Consistent Practice
to Feel Good in Body and Mind
Program Details

Creating a consistent practice doesn’t mean you do the same thing, at the same time, every day.

Chances are, your body and mind feel different each day, and you need a practice that is adaptable to your ever-changing life.

With a personal practice that you can adapt to your daily needs, you can consistently feel good in body and mind.

1.) 8 – 90 minute Group Coaching Sessions.

2.) 3 – 30 minute Private Coaching Sessions.

3.) Personal Accountability Contract.

4.) Practice Workbook.

5.) Practice Checklist.

6.) Practice Chart.

7.) Practice Plan.

But Wait, There's More...

Now more than ever do we need practices that help us feel good in body and mind, so we’ve added bonus features to this already amazing program to support you at an even higher level. 

1.) Admission to Unlimited Weekly Virtual Group Yoga Classes.

2.) Access to our Private Facebook Group of Program Participants.

Want to discuss program investment and payment plan options?

Please reach out and we can chat about all the possibilities and arrange the best way for you to start developing your consistent practice today.