Online Yoga Classes

Weekly drop-in, group, online yoga classes offered via zoom.

Weekly, drop-in, group yoga classes to support your home health practice. Practice breathing, stretching, strengthening, balancing, and meditating in community with others, from the comfort of your own home.

Class Overview

  • Each 60-90 minute class contains the elements of breath direction, body position and meditation, and is presented in a manner accessible to all participants, via Zoom.
  • Together we will experiment with various hypotheses to see how yoga influences our experience.
  • These classes are a great way to test out Elizabeth Now’s style of practice, and to receive the motivation and support practicing in community provides.

Bonus Content

  • First drop-in class is FREE

Class Price$16*

*Price includes applicable taxes

Yoga Balasana

Let’s Get Practicing!

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We have hired Elizabeth to instruct yoga and meditation classes. We are very grateful that we have found such an excellent, intelligent and inspiring instructor.
Elizabeth’s knowledge and her patience has shown her clients the need to listen to their own bodies and not to push beyond their limits. Her classes are well organized and balanced with each participant learning the art of uniting the body, mind and spirit in an inspiring way.
Elizabeth’s passion is undeniable. Yoga and Meditation classes have brought the clients a sense of balance and grace with a calm, focused mind and a restful spirit.
Elizabeth is well-liked and professional in her approach.
Lorri French
Service to Seniors Coordinator for the Municipality of Emerson Franklin

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Practice Yoga with One-on-One Support

If you’d prefer to have a private yoga session, tailored to your unique health state and goals, please connect with Elizabeth directly.