Private One-on-One Coaching

Access tailored one-on-one coaching support, to have help every step of the way as you develop your health practice.

Create or continue to develop your home health practice with one-on-one, tailored support, and reach your health goals faster.

Service Overview

  • 4, 8 or 12 – 1hr Live, One-on-One Coaching Sessions (virtual or in-person)
  • Tailored Practice Workbook
  • Tailored Practice Chart

Bonus Content

  • Initial Health Goal Setting Consultation
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Manual
  • Accountability Contract

Service Price$1,600/$2,400/$3,200*

*Prices include applicable taxes

*Single Session Option Available (contact for rate)

One-on-one Coaching

Let’s Meet and Set Health Goals!

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I feel so grateful for the experiences I’ve had taking one-on-one classes with Elizabeth. As a result of a running injury, I was struggling with knee pain and was experiencing a lot of tightness in my hips. Elizabeth designed a yoga class specifically tailored to loosen my hips and strengthen the muscles around my knee joint. It was great having Elizabeth’s one-on-one attention and to have the ability to talk to her during the class if need be. I could ask if I was doing the posture right, let her know which ones were working well for me, and which ones I was struggling with. It was really beneficial being able to ask questions along the way, which I never felt the opportunity to do in other yoga classes. It was also really cool because as we continued to work together she made these tailor-made classes based on what was bothering me in my body at that time. It was a really unique experience and felt like a real body healing transformation because of how personalized it was. Aside from helping me bounce back from my injury, Elizabeth always included meditative elements into her classes, which helped reduce my stress and always left me with a sense of peace and calm. Can’t wait to do more!
Karen De Blonde
Policy Analyst - MB Health

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