Cardio Flow Yoga


Weekly Virtual Cardio Flow Yoga Classes to Improve Heart Health and Core Strength​

Practice in the Comfort of Your Home or Anywhere You can Access the Internet

Classes are Creative Flow Sequences that Encourage a Healthy Increase in Heart-Rate​

Sweat at home with the motivation and support of a group of avid practitioners from around the world.

Get Your Heart Pumping!


Each 30 minute class contains the elements of breath regulation and body postures, and is presented in a manner accessible to all participants. 

Each Cardio Flow class has a warm up and cool down to ensure that you improve your heart health safely.

Classes are currently offered through Zoom. You do not need to create an account, you just need to download the program onto your device. 

Are You Ready to Get Your Heart Pumping?


I am Ready to Breathe and Move to
Support the Health of my Heart!