Family Reunion Yoga


Family Reunion Yoga Classes for You and Your Loved Ones

Practice with Family Whether they Live in Your House or Halfway Around the Globe

Classes are Co-Creative Endeavors that Explore How You Breathe, Move and Focus Your Mind with the Support of Your Loved Ones

Whether you live in the same house, or on opposite sides of the planet, you and your loved ones can support each other by practicing yoga together.

All You Need is Internet Access and Relatives who Want to Practice!

Family Reunion Yoga-Support

Each 30-90 minute class (you specify the length), contains the elements of breath regulation, body postures and meditation, customized to meet the needs of each family member.

Explore what it’s like to breathe, move and focus your mind as you commune with your family.

Are You Ready to Breathe, Move, and Meditate with Your Family from Around the Globe?


What Are Clients Saying?

Elizabeth brings a passionate and mindful restorative yoga experience to our family every week. Each class offers my family the opportunity to reconnect with a balanced yoga and meditation practice regardless of geographical separation and social distancing responsibilities.
Elizabeth is very perceptive, offering alternative positions for those who wish to be challenged as well as those who appreciate a milder approach. Our class spans 3 generations from Canada and the United States.
Amity Thomas
Founder, Amity Thomas Public Relations

Classes are an Opportunity
to Create Strength and Well-Being
with Your Loved Ones Near and Far


I am Ready to Practice Yoga with My Loved Ones!