It’s not easy to share thoughts. Thoughts are slippery and they change so often. Certain thoughts maintain the same structure, but more ideas enhance them, so they expand. Other thoughts contradict one another and I’m left in the middle not knowing which is the truth, or I experience the opposite of a thought I once held as a belief so I scrap it entirely and start over.

My thoughts swirl in a whirlpool of constant revision, and since I know I will never know it all, it’s hard to write anything solid. As soon as I publish this I will want to update it, edit it, rearrange it, delete it. My mind takes its freedom to change very liberally.

Thus, I can only write what I think now, then add more thoughts later. These are my thoughts on sharing thoughts for now, but later you’ll probably find a post titled: More Thoughts on Sharing Thoughts.

This blog then, is a space for me to share ideas, and add to them as necessary. Every post will be my thoughts on some topic, then as I learn and develop, I will add to that topic.

So, here I go: Thoughts on Sharing Thoughts.

It’s tough to share thoughts. Sure, I can rant about any ol’ thing, and someone may read my ramblings, but what about those thoughts that are close to my heart and difficult to share? Those are the thoughts worth reading, yet those are the thoughts I keep hidden.

I keep most of my thoughts to myself for various reasons: I’m not 100% sure I know everything about any topic; someone may judge me and find fault in my logic, prejudice in my language, privilege in my viewpoint, or ignorance in my outlook; I like to mull over possibilities before I present them; it’s all been said before and someone has surely said it better than I could; and I think it wise to listen more than I share. There are so many reasons to not share or write at all.

Most of these reasons are nonsense however and riddled with self-doubt. Thus, they cannot keep me from writing as I think I should be able to share without guilt or shame or fear of judgment. I should be able to write on a topic close to my heart without worry of being wrong, or waiting on edge to find faults that need fixing (I may be wrong, and I may change my mind and write the opposite idea later, but I feel it’s important to share ideas).

My perspective is unique due to my lived experience, and that’s what you’ll find here: my thoughts on life based on my experience and my interactions with others.

Sharing close to the heart thoughts, ideas and beliefs may be hard for you (like it is for me), but it is necessary. We learn, and grow together by sharing our stories. Our stories are powerful, and how we tell the stories of our past impacts the unfolding of our current and future stories. We learn from the thoughts we share with each other.

Thus, the thoughts you find here are not likely to be entirely brand new, or so mind-blowing you won’t be able to put your mind back together again. That said, the thoughts you find here are likely to be my musings on the ideas circulating through our collective consciousness, and the possibilities I ponder when I’m wondering how to build thriving communities.

So, now you know why I’m writing, and what to expect in future posts, and you know that I know that I don’t know it all. I’m just entertaining ideas, sharing them, and allowing them to morph over time.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on my thoughts at any time, as I’d love to hear them. May we all share and learn from the experiences of each other.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!