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Elizabeth Now
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About Elizabeth Now Coaching & Yoga


The name, Elizabeth Now, is a reminder that life is lived in the present moment and that each of us is continually growing and evolving. This is me now, this is you now, and now we can breathe, move and meditate to create our desired future experiences.


Elizabeth Now Coaching & Yoga helps you feel good in your body and your mind, through tailored programs designed for your unique success.

The programs offered through Elizabeth Now are philosophical and scientific explorations of body and mind that provide practical step-by-step frameworks for experiencing personal beauty and strength.


By attending live events and yoga sessions, or by enrolling in a coaching program, you can learn the strategies and systems necessary to consistently feel physically energetic, flexible and youthful, and mentally calm, focused and vibrant.

I Want to Help You Feel Strong, Vibrant and Confident; to Help You Heighten Your Ability to Focus, and Deepen Your Sense of Inner Calm

About Elizabeth

Right now, Elizabeth is a woman, (grand)daughter, sister, mother, yogini, nature lover, performing artist, speaker, art enthusiast, teacher and coach (among other labels as she is constantly engaged in some form of active appreciation, exploration or creation).


Elizabeth offers coaching and yoga services because she cannot help it. She wants to live surrounded by healthy, vibrant people who love their lives and those they get to share them with. She’s found that certain¬†practices help her navigate challenge and create ease (and experience a relatively consistent state of health and vitality), so is now actively sharing these practices with all who are interested in exploring themselves and their ability to thrive. It is through her offerings, that Elizabeth hopes to contribute to the creation of healthy communities comprised of healthy beings.


Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for over 16 years, and is extremely passionate about its elements of breath regulation (pranayama), body postures (asana) and meditation (dhyana). 

Combining these practices with her love of biochemistry, neuropsychology, and anatomy, Elizabeth offers programs that explore all aspects of what it is to be human right here, right now, and illustrate how to use this information to develop a consistent personal practice.


I Want to Help YOU Thrive

I believe a consistent sense of thriving is possible, and the knowledge that I have a practice that can guide me through each challenge as it arises, helps me access my own experience of thriving in this moment, now.

I Want to Help You Develop the Ability to Consistently Access an Experience of Thriving too, so We Can Live Healthy, Happy Lives Together

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