Let's Work Together!

Design your Legacy or Create your own Consistent Home Health Practice with Coaching, drop-in on a Group Yoga Class, or follow a structured, Yoga Practice-Building Experiment; there is something here for YOU!


Through focused questions, mirrored reflections and honest affirmations, I hold space for you to safely show up, be present, access your most resourceful state, and do the work of creating your desired experience.

Though I can support you in taking the next few steps on any path, I specialize in Legacy Coaching!

Legacy Coaching

For Grandparents and Grandchildren to:
  • Connect with each other
  • Clarify that connection
  • Create a uniquely-meaningful family legacy together

Complementary Offering

  • Intro to Intergenerational Legacy Creation Session

Service Price

  • Please contact Elizabeth as price depends on service desired
One-on-one Coaching


Weekly, drop-in, online, group yoga classes to support your home health practice. Practice breathing, stretching, strengthening, balancing, and meditating in community with others, from the comfort of your own home.

Class Overview

  • 60 – 90 minute Drop-In Group Yoga Class (Breathe, Pose, Meditate)
  • Each class is a unique, mind-body experiment, presented in a manner accessible to all participants, usually via Zoom

Bonus Content

  • First drop-in class is FREE

Class Price$16*

*Price includes applicable taxes

Yoga Balasana

Yoga at Home DIY

Yoga at Home is an experiment to see how yogic practices such as breath direction, body position and meditation, influence four specific areas of your body (base, bum, belly and back). It is also an opportunity to integrate yoga into your consistent home health practice.

Course Overview

  • 4 Yoga Experiments
  • Practice Workbook
  • Practice Chart

Format Options

  • Recorded Do-It-Yourself Experiment
  • Live Group Experiment (next offering TBD)

Bonus Content

  • Step-by-Step Instruction Manual
  • Accountability Contract

Course Price$444*

*Price includes applicable taxes

Yoga at Home Practice - Low Lunge

Yoga Coaching

This offering combines the methodology of coaching with the practices of yoga to support you with creating your personalized, consistent home health practice (or integrating yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc. into your existing practice).

Course Overview

  • 4 – 1hr Live, One-on-One Coaching Sessions (virtual or in-person)
  • Tailored Practice Workbook
  • Tailored Practice Chart

Bonus Content

  • Initial Health Goal Setting Consultation
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Manual
  • Accountability Contract

Course Price$648*

*Price includes applicable taxes


What can coaching do for you? Why create or enhance your health practice? How is a consistent practice vital to your ability to feel good, on demand?

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