Inner-Gardening 101: Cultivate Vigor & Vitality

A workshop to develop your ability to access the energy and resources required to thrive.

During this event we will gather, to explore the 3-Step System for developing an empowering practice, ways to access the resources we need to move through challenges, and how to thrive (not just survive), during uncertain times.

Event Overview

  • This 2hr event is an opportunity to curiously explore what inner-gardening is, and to practice inner-gardening.
  • Together we will entertain ideas, breathe, stretch, and meditate.
  • We can meet in person or online, whatever would suit you and your team or family best.

Event Price$44*

*Price includes applicable taxes.

*Group rates available.


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The metaphor of an inner-garden is wonderful and offers continual opportunity for exploration, as the growth in a garden is an ongoing cyclical process. The breathwork, visualization, setting of intention, meditation, being focused and present, moving, journaling, and creating all continue to allow me to grow and nurture my inner-garden. This was a positive and thoughtful experience for me and I appreciate Elizabeth's expertise.
Barbara Young

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