Inner-Gardening 101:

Cultivate Vigor & Vitality

Create a Resilient Body and Radiant Mind

Sunday, November 22, 2020

1:00pm-4:00pm CDT via Zoom


To Thrive with Vigor and Vitality You Require on Demand Access to Energy and Resources




1.) Master the 3-Step System for developing an empowering practice.

2.) Access the resources you need to move through challenges.

3.) Thrive (not just survive), during uncertain times.

To Consistently Access the Resources you Require to Thrive, Develop an Empowering Practice


Order of Operations


This workshop will begin with an exploration of inner-gardening, and how it improves your ability to thrive.

You will then practice the art of inner-gardening, to experience it firsthand.

To conclude, you will learn to practically apply inner-gardening to your daily life so you can feel confident in body and mind, each and every day!

What You Will Need


1.) Somewhere to Explore and Experiment (a quiet space).

2.) Something to Write In (a pen and notebook).

3.) Something to Lie Down On (a yoga mat, blanket or rug).

4.) Something to Sit On (a meditation cushion, block or chair).

5.) Something to Drink (water, tea, sparkling juice or bevy of your choice).

Meet Your Inner-Gardening Guide: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach who specializes in helping individuals cultivate a consistent practice.

I Want to Help YOU Thrive in Body and Mind


Are You Ready to Thrive?


If you are ready to experience vigor and vitality, and thrive (not just survive), during uncertain times, then you are ready to master the art of Inner-Gardening and develop a consistent, empowering practice.

Master the Art of Inner-Gardening and Thrive, Today!


This Event is Over.
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