Redefine Consistency to Act Consistently

Look at consistency differently to support your ability to act consistently.

During this event, we will gather to study the etymology of consistency, journal, meditate and redefine consistency for ourselves in relation to our personal wellness practice to support our ability to act consistently.

Event Overview

  • This 2hr event is an opportunity to look at consistency differently so you can consistently take action to bolster your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Together we’ll share, journal, and meditate in community with other curious conscious-action-takers.
  • We can meet in person or online, whatever would suit you and your team or family best.

Event Price$54*

*Price is per attendee and includes applicable taxes.

*Group rates available.


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I enjoyed your well-designed, well-thought-out workshop. It was so precise and scientific, but at the same time soothing and relaxing. I think consistency can include all the elements you shared, as well as the feeling that once we have set it in place, consistency can be in the background and be there for us even if our routine looks slightly different each day. You also helped me realize that so many of our everyday activities can be described as health practices. Thank you again for your offering!
K. Koniali
Coach, Mother, Curious Explorer

Redefinition Time!

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