Yoga at Home

Follow a structured, practice-building experiment, to breathe, stretch, meditate and develop your home yoga practice.

Yoga at Home is a 4-part experiment to see how yogic practices such as breath direction, body position and meditation, influence specific areas of your body (base, bum, belly and back). It is also an opportunity to integrate yoga into your consistent home health practice.

To begin, you’ll set goals and clarify hypotheses. Then, you’ll follow along with the structured practice and supporting materials each week.

After your 4 weeks, you’ll be invited to review your results and compare them to your initial hypotheses, to see how practicing yoga with this structure has influenced your health and your consistent home practice.

Course Overview

  • 4 Yoga Experiments
  • Practice Workbook
  • Practice Chart

Format Options

  • Recorded DIY Experiment
  • Live Group Experiment*

*Wednesdays at 7pm CST from Oct 20 to Nov 10, 2021.

Bonus Content

  • Practice Instructions (Step-by-Step Manual)
  • Accountability Contract

Course Price                     Was $444  Now $216*

*Limited Time Offer includes applicable taxes

Yoga at Home Practice - Low Lunge

Develop Your Home Health Practice with Structure!

Select which format would best serve you, and begin integrating yoga into your consistent home health practice today!

To accompany each guided Yoga Experiment, are the Personal Accountability Contract (commit to practice document), the Practice Chart (yoga sequence image), the Practice Workbook (information and inquiry guide to deepen your practice-building process), and the Practice Instructions (step-by-step directions for each breath, body and brain activity).

These supporting reference materials will enhance your experience throughout each week as you practice a set sequence with a specific focus, breath, peak postures and meditation. This structure will help you establish a practice, commit it to memory and alter it as necessary.

Since this program is an experiment, you’ll be a self-scientist, discovering what practices best support your overall well-being. While experimenting, you’ll be testing various hypotheses each week on top of your overall program hypothesis, and gathering data to review post-experiment. In this way you’ll determine what practices best help you reach your goals.

Elizabeth Now Coaching and Yoga has been my saving grace! I can not say enough about Elizabeth, and her knowledge of the practice. Yoga has brought me better physical health, but more importantly peace and an overall feeling of well being! I feel fortunate to practice with Elizabeth at such a welcoming studio and will be forever grateful for the knowledge I have gained from her and the practice!
Brian Reimer
Multimedia Specialist
Thanks Elizabeth, you’re a great ambassador for the practice of yoga and meditation. Your calm glow is evidence.
Janet Kroeker
Wool Wizard at Shepherd's Dream

Have Questions?

Connect with Elizabeth Now to clarify program details, select the best format for you, and start building your consistent home health practice with structured support!